Hello there!

We are Swwweet.

We are a small web design studio based in Barcelona, Spain, and we create responsive sites for small businesses and startups. Interested? You can check some of our favourite projects below and you can contact us on hola@swwweet.com.

Favourite projects:

Personal projects:


We love what we do, and we love sharing with others. That's why we sometimes speak at conferences & events or run small workshops on HTML5, CSS3 & responsive design.
If you are interested in a custom training for your company, contact us at hola@swwweet.com.

Online courses:

We have published three online courses (in Spanish) in Domestika, about the basics of HTML & CSS (Introducción al Desarrollo Web Responsive con HTML y CSS), advanced web techniques (Técnicas de Desarrollo Web con HTML5 y CSS3), and an introduction to SVG graphics (Gráficos vectoriales SVG: ilustrar y animar con código).

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